What is a maxed out temperature gauge inspection?

Cars are equipped with an elaborate system of coolant lines, fans, and sensors to keep their engines from overheating. Engines produce an immense amount of heat while operating, and failing to cool them runs the risk of causing serious damage.
A maxed out temperature gauge inspection checks the temperature sensors in the engine along with the cooling system. The first goal of the inspection is to ensure that all the sensors are taking accurate readings. The second goal is to see if there are any issues within the cooling system itself—coolant blockages, broken fans, air in the system, etc.

How to get your maxed out temperature gauge inspected

One of the possible causes of a maxed out temperature gauge is a malfunction of the car’s computer. It’s best to take your vehicle to a trusted mechanic, as they have the tools to quickly determine if the problem lies in the sensors or the coolant system.
During the inspection, your mechanic will be looking for:
  • Low coolant
  • Air in the system
  • Failed fan switch
  • Broken cooling fan motor
  • Failed thermostat or temperature sensor
  • Broken temperature gauge

When do I need to get my maxed out temperature gauge inspected?

If your temperature gauge is maxed out, turn your vehicle off and allow the engine to cool. If the gauge maxes out again when the car is turned back on, take your vehicle to the mechanic immediately.
If your engine is unable to cool itself, the excess heat can cause long-term damage to your motor. In a worst-case scenario, your engine block could split. Replacing an engine means a mechanic bill of several thousands of dollars or your vehicle being totaled.
Even if the problem turns out to be a faulty sensor, it’s worth the peace of mind knowing that your engine is not going to suddenly fail on you.

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