What is a suspension airbag?

Some SUVs and trucks have a suspension airbag, which supplements the regular suspension to keep the vehicle riding smoothly when it’s carrying heavy loads.
You’re more likely to have a pre-installed suspension airbag with a luxury vehicle, but you can always buy one and have it installed after purchasing an economy class vehicle, too.
Suspension air height sensors give information to the suspension control module, which directs air from the compressor to inflate the suspension air bag.
If your vehicle didn’t come with a suspension air bag, you may need to evaluate your suspension and your tire pressure if you’re experiencing a rough suspension or wobbly ride.

How to perform a suspension airbag replacement

If the airbag is the source of the issue, it may be either worn (from natural wear and tear) or leaking.
To replace the suspension airbag, the mechanic will:
  • Lift the car on jack stands
  • Remove the rear wheels
  • Take out the malfunctioning suspension airbag
  • Put in a new suspension airbag
  • Reattach the rear tires
  • Lower the car
  • Turn on the car and test the operation of the new airbag

When do you need a suspension airbag replacement?

It may be time to replace your airbag suspension if your ride feels rough (“rough suspension”) or you notice that your car feels wobbly or difficult to maneuver when you have many passengers or a heavy load.
Suspension airbag problems aren’t critical, but you may have a more difficult time keeping the vehicle in control at high speeds with heavy loads.
Pro Tip: If you’re experiencing the symptoms listed above but your car doesn’t have a suspension airbag, you’ll want to check for issues with your suspension and tire pressure.

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