What is a strut assembly replacement?

Your strut assembly is attached to the front wheels of your car and helps absorb shock when driving. This component compliments the shock absorbers, which may be attached to all four wheels or just the back two, depending on the age of your car.
The front of the car needs extra shock absorption to compensate for the added weight of the engine in that area.
If your strut assembly is failing, you may need to have it replaced by a professional mechanic. Suspension problems can be very serious and should be left to a professional.

How do I know if I need a strut assembly replacement?

Your strut assembly may be worn or out of commission if:
  • You’re having difficulty braking
  • Your driving feels rough
  • Your driving feels more bouncy than ordinary, especially on bumpy roads
Try testing the front of the car. Push down on the front of the car to see how much it bounces. If it bounces several times, you can assume your strut assembly is probably worn.

How to replace a strut assembly

It’s important to get a worn strut assembly checked out as soon as your schedule allows. This component may start leaking gas or liquid or lead to uneven or excessive tire wear.
To perform the replacement, your mechanic will:
  • Ensure the struts are worn or faulty
  • Remove the bad struts
  • Install new struts
  • Verify there are no other problems with the suspension system
Pro Tip: You may also need a wheel alignment in conjunction with this replacement.

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