What’s involved in a steering wheel vibrates or shakes inspection?

A mechanic will determine what’s wrong with your steering wheel and what might be causing the problem during this inspection.
They’ll typically examine the following components:
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering column
  • Steering rack and pinion
  • Steering gearbox
  • Wheels
After inspecting the wheels and tires, the mechanic will then check the steering while inside the car. If nothing appears to be wrong at that point, they will look beneath the hood and under the car for any bent or damaged steering or suspension components.

How do I know if I need this inspection?

If there is a notable shakiness or vibration that occurs when operating your vehicle, then that is a sign you should get an inspection performed as soon as possible.

How important is an inspection for a vibrating or shaking steering wheel?

The steering system, of course, is an essential component of your car’s safe operation.
It is dangerous to drive your car if the steering wheel isn’t operating properly, and this could lead to an accident, financial damages, and even bodily injuries.

Tips for this inspection

There are a few common causes that can make your steering wheel shake or vibrate:
  • Wheels are out of balance or loose
  • Wheel bearings are failing
  • Tires are excessively or unevenly worn due to suspension issues
  • Brake rotors are glazed over or warped—which only applies if the vibration or shaking occurs while braking.
Because these issues with your steering wheel are generally caused by wear and tear, you are more likely to see them if you have an older car.

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