What is an inspection for a steering wheel that does not respond properly?

During an inspection for a steering wheel that does not respond properly, a mechanic will inspect your car’s steering system to diagnose the source of the problem.
The mechanic will inspect the power steering rack, power steering pump, steering column, pinion gearbox, and tie rod ends.

How to repair a steering wheel that does not respond properly

A mechanic will check out some of the most common culprits of steering issues:
  • Defective power steering rack or power steering pump: Most cars today use power steering. The power steering rack and power steering pump help the steering system maintain a proper level of fluid pressure. The rack and pump wear out over time, and if either piece fails to do its job, the steering wheel becomes poorly responsive and heavy to turn.
  • Malfunctioning pinion gear or gearbox: The pinion gear moves the steering rack, and the steering rack then turns the wheels. Some older vehicles also contain a gearbox, which dictates how much effect turning the steering wheel will have on the car’s front tires. If the rack and pinion function or gearbox mechanism becomes faulty, the steering wheel cannot respond to rotation as it is meant to.
  • Loose tie rod ends: Inner and outer tie rod ends are components of a car’s steering linkage. Tie rods keep the front tires aligned with the steering wheel and aid in turning the wheels as the steering wheel is rotated. When tie rod ends come loose, steering precision becomes compromised. If you notice clunking noises when you turn your vehicle, or that your vehicle is pulling to one side, loose tie rods could be to blame.
  • Damaged steering column: The steering column channels the rotation of the steering wheel through the dashboard and underneath the hood. When any part of the steering column breaks or becomes faulty, steering becomes strenuous and unresponsive.

How important is a steering wheel that does not respond properly inspection?

If your steering wheel does not respond properly, you need to have it inspected right away. Smooth and precise steering is vital to road safety.
Cars purchased through a dealership typically come with a warranty. While you’re under warranty, the dealership’s mechanics will fix the vehicle at no cost to you. Make sure you check your warranty period before paying for the repairs on your own.

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