What is a steering damper replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will inspect your steering and suspension systems in order to determine whether the steering damper is at fault and replace it if necessary. You may experience steering trouble for many different reasons, so a thorough check is always required.
As part of the steering system, the steering damper helps stabilize the steering wheel, counteracting back-and-forth rotation caused by vibration from the suspension or when traveling over bumps in the road.
Over time, your steering damper will inevitably wear out and allow for more vibration to be transmitted to the wheel while driving. As a result, handling will become more difficult and steering will feel loose or sloppy during the vehicle’s operation.

How to replace a steering damper

When replacing your steering damper, a mechanic will:
  • Raise and support the vehicle on jack stands
  • Remove the faulty steering damper from the steering linkage and frame
  • Install the new steering damper and connect it to the steering linkage and frame
  • Exercise the vehicle to ensure it operates without binding
  • Lower the vehicle off the jack stands and road test it for proper steering operation
Replacing the steering damper is a delicate process, one that requires a careful understanding of your car’s steering system. Only trust a professional mechanic with this task.

When do I need to replace my steering damper?

You will need to replace your steering damper if you begin having difficulty steering, notice back-and-forth travel of the steering wheel while driving over bumps, or feel an overall looseness in the operation of the wheel.

Is it important that I replace my steering damper?

While your car is still operable without a working steering damper, it is not recommended to leave this unattended for too long as the vehicle will be difficult to handle. This poses a threat to your and others’ safety while on the road, so make sure a mechanic replaces your defective steering damper as soon as possible.

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