What is a speed sensor replacement? 

A speed sensor replacement is a fairly speedy process. The car is stood on a vehicle jack stand, so a mechanic has the necessary leverage to remove and replace the sensor from the rear axle. It depends on what car you own, but the replacement can cost anywhere from $250 to $500
But you likely won’t have to be splashing that kind of cash often. Vehicle speed sensors typically need replacing every 100,000 miles. So, if you’ve got a new car, you should be more or less taken care of for a while. Conversely, if you’re investing in a used vehicle, speed sensors could become a problem quickly. 
Most mechanics will check in on the speed sensor when your vehicle is serviced, though! 

When do I need to get a speed sensor replacement?

You’ll need to get a speed sensor replacement around every 100,000 miles on your car’s odometer. However, it might be smart to think about replacing it a little earlier—as you won’t want to wait until your car is on the verge of breaking to get an important part sorted. 
There might be a few signs that your speed sensor needs fixing, such as: 
  • Odometer does not work
  • Speedometer stops working 
  • Cruise control fails to work properly
  • Transmission hesitates to shift gears or shifts slowly
  • Transmission jumps gears
  • Vehicle rumbles
  • Vehicle suddenly loses power
  • Fuel efficiency drops drastically
  • Check engine light, brake, or anti-lock warning lamps come on

How important is a speed sensor?

A speed sensor is a crucial cog in your traction control and anti-lock brakes—as well as monitoring your speed. You can still drive with a broken speed sensor, but it could significantly impact your ability to brake properly, and also hurt your car’s fuel efficiency. Therefore, it’s important to make sure you’re regularly checking on it. A good mechanic should be on top of things!  

Tips for maintaining your speed sensor

Luckily, your speed sensor shouldn’t need too much looking after. It’s important not to put too much stress on your gearbox—and follow all of the transmission instructions in your user manual. Otherwise, though, you should just make sure that everything is in working order when you get it serviced.

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