What is a smell of oil in car inspection?

A smell of oil in car inspection typically involves a mechanic looking for signs of failure or damage with your oil plugs, oil filter, engine gaskets, and other components that could be producing that smell.

How to service the smell of oil in your car

Depending on what is causing the smell of oil in your car, a mechanic might have to service this issue by doing one or more of the following:
  • Perform a new oil change to undo one that was done inadequately
  • Tighten the oil filter since a loose oil filter can leak oil and cause the smell to invade the car
  • Repair an oil plug if the plug in the oil pan is loose or has been damaged in some way—damaged oil plugs can leak oil
  • Repair or replace failing gaskets as compromised engine gaskets or oil seals can cause oil to leak

How important is a smell of oil in car inspection?

This is considered to be an important inspection. The issue should be identified and fixed before the car is taken back on the road.