What is a shifter interlock solenoid replacement? 

A shifter interlock solenoid replacement is the removal and reinstallation of a tiny coil deep in the wiring of your transmission. It’s quite a complicated process, as it typically requires removing your battery altogether to fix the faulty spring. And for that hassle, mechanics might charge you a bit—usually upwards of $200. 
However, the good news is that a shifter interlock solenoid is designed to last the duration of your car’s existence—and it rarely needs touching. Most mechanics won’t even service it. 

When do I need to get a shifter interlock solenoid replacement?

Theoretically, never. Shifter interlock solenoids are supposed to last for the duration of your car’s life. However, there might be a few telltale signs that your solenoid needs to be looked at, such as: 
  • Your shifter won’t move gear—especially from park to drive. 
  • Your key won’t come out of the ignition. Most cars won’t let the key come out of the ignition until your car is in park. 

How important is a shifter interlock solenoid replacement?

A shifter interlock solenoid is a tiny but very important part of your vehicle. If your car is unable to change gears, especially when moving, you could be in serious danger—particularly on busy roads.
Luckily for your safety, a solenoid is a very stable part of your car, and doesn’t even need servicing. However, if you do experience difficulty shifting, or if your gearbox breaks, it’s possible there could be an issue. Talk to a trusted mechanic and they should be able to take care of you! 

Tips for maintaining your shifter interlock solenoid

The shifter interlock solenoid is a pretty trusty part of your vehicle, so you typically don’t have to do too much to keep it intact. But you should always drive safely. Don’t shift too aggressively, put too much stress on the throttle, or drive too fast. 

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