What is a shift interlock solenoid replacement?

The shift interlock solenoid is part of automatic transmissions vehicles that connects to your brake pedal and prevents shifting into drive unless your foot is on the brake. When this mechanism fails, your car will not shift to drive regardless of foot placement. 
There is no easy fix for a broken solenoid. Once it fails, you’ll need to have a mechanic perform a shift interlock solenoid replacement. 

How to replace a shift interlock solenoid

You *can* conduct a DIY solenoid replacement—but if you’re not experienced with cars, it’s probably best to leave this to a mechanic. Here’s what needs to happen:
  • Drop the transmission oil pan to allow access to the solenoid pack
  • Locate and replace the faulty solenoid
  • Replace the oil pan
  • Refill the transmission fluid
The cost of replacing the solenoid depends on the car you drive, and where you have the work done. If you go the DIY route, the parts supplier you use will factor into the final cost. 

When do I need to replace my shift interlock solenoid? 

A defective shift interlock solenoid is not a safety concern. However, your car cannot function normally until it is repaired. You will know it’s time for a trip to your mechanic if you experience the main symptoms of a faulty shift interlock solenoid, including: 
  • Delayed shifts
  • No downshifts
  • Erratic shifts 
  • Check engine light on your dash
Note that a faulty shift interlock solenoid is not the only culprit in shifting issues. Have your mechanic check for:
  • Corroded shift cables
  • Low transmission fluid
  • Electrical system 
The shift interlock solenoid does not require regular servicing, as it is meant to last the lifetime of your car. 

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