What is a service light is on inspection?

A service light can turn on for a number of reasons, some of which can be as small as your vehicle needing an oil change. Alternatively, the service light can indicate that something more serious is wrong with your engine.
In any case, an inspection should be performed by a mechanic. They are best equipped to catch a problem early enough so that it doesn’t worsen. Remember, driving a vehicle that may be experiencing engine trouble could be unsafe for you and other drivers.

How to do a service light is on inspection

The service light is on inspection should include an extensive inspection and a detailed report on the mechanic’s recommendations.
The three areas of the ECU a mechanic might focus on during an inspection are:
  • Emissions: Sensors are installed around this system to alert you if too many emissions are being dispensed from the car
  • Engine Temperature: Sensors monitor operating temperatures to ensure that they don’t become excessive and damage the engine
  • Mileage: This system monitors the mileage between regular maintenance items, including oil changes
Keep in mind that the exact components of an ECU depend on your vehicle’s manufacturer and what year it was produced.
Once the maintenance is complete, the service light should no longer be on.

How important is a service light is on inspection

A service light that’s turned on at any time requires a visit to your mechanic. How important it turns out to ultimately depends on the severity of the issue.
It’s never a smart idea to take chances with the vehicle’s engine.

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