What is a power steering pump pullet replacement?

When something breaks down in your power steering system, a mechanic will look for two culprits: a broken belt or bearing.
The belt and bearing are part of a pulley system that sends power steering fluid to your power steering system. Without it, your steering wheel would require a lot of muscle power to operate.
Don’t worry; you won’t have to wait for the arm workout to know when your power steering pump pulley system needs replacing. Because the belt and bearing interact with high heat and friction, it’s common for them to need replacing. Mechanics regularly check this when they change your oil.

How to replace a power steering pump pulley

If you don’t consider yourself to be car savvy or have a multitude of tools in your garage, then you should leave this process for a professional.
When it’s time to replace your car’s power steering pump pulley system, a mechanic will do the following:
  • Remove the serpentine belt from under the hood
  • Remove the power steering pulley with a pulley puller
  • Install a new power steering pulley with a pulley installer
  • Install a new serpentine belt and check the alignment
  • Test the new parts by running the engine and checking the power steering
Some cars might have two belts, so your mechanic will let you know if there are extra costs.

When do I need to replace my power steering pump pulley?

Generally, if your steering wheel is hard to turn, that’s a sign your power steering system needs a mechanic’s keen eye.
The power steering system has multiple parts, so a mechanic will look for specific symptoms indicating a problem with the pump pulley specifically. These symptoms include:
  • A grinding our whining sound when the engine is running
  • If the pump pulley won’t turn
  • If there is a broken serpentine belt
While repairing or replacing your power steering pump pulley system isn’t as dire as say a broken break line, it is still an important part of safely driving your vehicle and you should get it serviced as soon as you can.

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