What is a power seat switch replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will first check to make sure there is nothing blocking the power seat from moving before inspecting the power seat switch’s operation and replacing it, if necessary.
The power seat switch is part of a circuit that allows you to move the seat backward and forward, as well as side to side, so that the distance between the driver, pedals, and the steering wheel is optimized for comfortable driving.
Over time, the circuitry of the switch can wear down and may even wear down prematurely if dirt and debris are allowed to accumulate under the seat, meaning you will no longer be able to move or adjust it.

How to replace a power seat switch

If your power seat switch needs to be replaced, a mechanic will go through these steps:
  • Remove the seat.
  • Inspect both the switch and the motor itself.
  • Check that the motor is not clogged by debris.
  • Inspect the wiring.
  • Remove and replace the power seat switch.
  • Check that the seat operates and moves correctly in each direction.
While not a lengthy process, a power seat switch replacement can be avoided—at least prematurely—by keeping the space under your seat clear of trash and debris.

When do I need to replace my power seat switch?

You will need to replace your power seat switch if your seat moves very slowly in a selected direction, it stops moving in a selected direction, it will not move backward or forward, or if the seat no longer moves in any selected direction.

How important is it that I replace the power seat switch?

Though you may still drive with a faulty power seat switch, it is recommended you get it replaced at your earliest convenience. This ensures that you will be able to find the optimal placement for your seat so that the gas and brake pedals are not too close or too far from your feet.

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