What is a power seat not working inspection?

If your power-operated seat isn’t sliding or rotating when you press the appropriate button or lever, you may need to take the car in for an inspection to determine the source of the issue.
The power seat requires electricity to move, so a blown fusestretched or worn wire, or faulty switch can stop the seat itself from working.
In this service, the mechanic will:
  • Inspect the fuse to make sure it hasn’t blown
  • Inspect the power seat motor to make sure it hasn’t slowed or become defective
  • Check for physical function of the switch/lever and replace it if necessary

How important is a power seat not working inspection?

Your power seat not working obviously isn’t as big of a problem as, say, a sputtering engine or sketchy brakes. Even so, if your seat is stuck in a position that makes it hard for you to press the accelerator and brake pedals, you won’t be as safe on the road.
If you can’t determine the cause of the issue, take your car in for an inspection as soon as is convenient.

How do I know I need an inspection for a malfunctioning power seat?

If your power seat doesn’t move when you press the button or lever, you need to figure out the cause of the issue.
Before you take the car in for an inspection, make sure that:
  • The button or lever isn’t just stuck due to moisture, food, or, debris
  • There isn’t an object underneath the seat that blocks its motion
If neither of these situations applies, it’s best to take the car in, as your fuse, wiring, or motor may be to blame.

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