What is a power outlet is not working inspection?

If your phone won’t charge when you plug in the charging cable to the outlet, the mechanic will inspect a few different components to see if the problem lies with:
  • A blown fuse
  • A burnt outlet
  • A broken or worn wire
A visual inspection can show problems with the outlet itself, while a wiring problem may require the worker to remove surrounding panels to access the inner parts.

How important is a power outlet is not working inspection?

If your power outlet isn’t working due to a physical breakdown or damaged wiring, it won’t impact the performance of your car, but you may be inconvenienced.
Take care of this issue when it works for your schedule.

Tips for when your power outlet is not working

If you suspect your power outlet is not working, first make sure that your charging cable isn’t frayed or broken or that your device’s battery isn’t damaged.
Know that devices that demand large amounts of electricity can overload the charging outlet, leading to a blown fuse.

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