What is a power door locks not working inspection?

If your remote locking system isn’t working, you’ll know right away. It’s likely that your doors won’t lock or unlock, and you won’t hear that characteristic click.
If you’re sure the issue isn’t simply a matter of replacing the battery in your key, a mechanic will complete an inspection by checking:
  • The actuator, which receives the signal from your key and causes gears to turn to open or close the lock
  • The switch, which physically moves the lock and can malfunction from constant use
  • The fuse, which may have blown due to current overload
If one of these parts is faulty, the mechanic will usually replace it with your consent.

How important is a lock system inspection?

We don’t need to spell it out for you, but a faulty lock system poses a huge risk for your vehicle’s safety while occupied or sitting in a parking lot.
Whether the problem arose from normal wear and tear or a more unexpected incident, take your car in for a lock system inspection as soon as you notice the problem.

How do I know I need an inspection for a malfunctioning power door lock?

Before you take your car in for an inspection, check to make sure that your remote entry key’s battery isn’t dead. (This is often a circular watch battery and can be accessed by disassembling the key.)
If replacing the battery does nothing, you’ll need an inspection to determine if your lock system’s problem is coming from the fuse, switch, or actuator.
Tip Let the mechanic know if only certain doors lock and unlock normally when you bring the car in to help them pinpoint the issue more quickly.

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