What is a pitman arm replacement?

In this service, the defective pitman arm will be inspected and replaced with a new, working one.
With proper maintenance and attention paid to your pitman arm, it should ideally last the lifetime of your car. Keep an eye out for anything that may seem off to try and prevent a complete replacement.

How do I know if I need a pitman arm replacement?

Here are some warning signs that your pitman arm needs to be replaced:
  • Excessive wiggle in the steering wheel
  • Steering that is erratic or slippery
  • Inaccurate steering or roaming

How to replace your pitman arm

When replacing your car’s pitman arm, a mechanic will normally do the following:
  • Raise the vehicle on jack stands and remove the front tire
  • Remove the faulty pitman arm
  • Install a new pitman arm with a new nut
  • Reinstall the tire and lower the vehicle off the jack stands
  • Test drive the car to ensure everything steers properly

How important is it to get my pitman arm replaced?

If you ignore the servicing instructions in your owner’s manual, you risk losing steering control due to pitman arm failure. When the pitman arm fails, the sector shaft and the wheels are no longer connected.
When you lose that direct connection, you lose your capacity to steer, which can have disastrous results.

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