What is a PCV valve hose replacement?

The PCV system is dependent on the valve hose to transfer the excess gasses from the crankcase into the intake manifold. This allows the gasses to be used for fuel, helping the car run efficiently and smoothly.
A mechanic will inspect your car’s PCV system for malfunctions, and replace the PCV valve hose if there are any gas leaks.

How to replace a PCV valve hose

To replace a PCV valve hose, your mechanic will typically follow these steps:
  • Locate PCV valve and loosen the hose clamp
  • Remove engine covers
  • Find and remove PCV valve hose
  • Inspect hose for cracks, pinches, clogs, sponginess, or stickiness
  • Install new PCV valve hose by connecting it to PCV valve
  • Clamp new PCV valve hose in place
  • Secure clamps
  • Replace removed engine covers
  • Start car and inspect for any leaks
When the PCV valve hose needs to be replaced, it is highly recommended to inspect the PCV valve itself as well. This is for maintenance purposes, and it makes sure any other leaks or problems are caught. A failed PCV valve hose or system can result in the air filter and fuel system being dirtied with oil.

When do I need to replace a PCV valve hose?

If your car’s check engine light is on, the engine is running roughly, or there is a hissing noise coming from the engine, you need to check on the PCV valve hose.
The PCV system of your car is crucial to its efficiency, making it an important part of regularly scheduled car maintenance. Both the valve and hose should be replaced routinely.
This service cannot be put off if there is a leak in your car. When the PCV valve hose has a leak, the excess gasses are not transferred back to the engine to be used for fuel. Your car will run less efficiently, less smoothly, and there will be gas leaking from the engine.

Tips for PCV valve hose replacement

The entire PCV system in your car should be inspected if the PCV valve hose needs to be replaced.
Sometimes, a problem with the PCV valve hose may be caused by a separate malfunctioning component in the car. To make sure there aren’t any other problems and to check how smoothly it runs, your car should be tested after the PCV valve hose replacement.

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