What is a parking brake won’t release inspection?

To complete this service, a mechanic will fully inspect your parking brake, which is a system of components that varies among car manufacturers. While it’s impossible to know the cause of a problem before an inspection, there are a few likely culprits.

Corroded parking brake cable

Corrosion on the parking brake cable—what connects your handle to the brakes—can cause the cable to disengage. If this happens while the parking brake is in use, you may be stuck until you can get it repaired.

Damaged return springs

Return springs allow your vehicle to disengage the brake when you let go of the handle. If corroded or damaged, these components won’t have enough strength to release the brake.

Rear caliper pivot arm seized

These components both play key roles in engaging and releasing your parking brake. If they become stuck, unable to move freely, your vehicle will be unable to disengage the brake.

Stuck caliper

Every manufacturer relies on a different baking system. If your car uses rear disc brakes, then a stuck clipper could be causing your brake to malfunction.

How to inspect a parking brake that won’t release

A mechanic will inspect your vehicle’s braking system and provide a complete report. Depending on your vehicle’s manufacturer, they may also spend time investigating the wheels.
The key components a mechanic will focus on are as follows:
  • The handle
  • The cable assembly
  • The cable
  • The return springs
  • The calipers
  • The drums/discs, if necessary

When do I need to inspect a parking brake that won’t release?

Because these components are insulated, you won’t have to worry about a parking brake damaging other parts of your vehicle. But, for obvious reasons, you’ll likely want to get this service as soon as possible.
Parking brakes that won’t release are undoubtedly frustrating, but in most cases, they are less dangerous than a brake that will no longer engage or hold properly.

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