What is a parking brake release cable replacement?

This is a repair service in which your mechanic replaces a parking brake release cable when your parking brake will not disengage. The release cable is what allows you to release your parking brake after it’s been engaged.

How do I replace a parking brake release cable?

Your mechanic should look at your parking brake release cable during regular maintenance to ensure it isn’t fraying or damaged. But, if your brake release cable does need to be replaced, your mechanic will complete the following steps:
  • Remove the dash panels for access to the parking brake cable
  • Remove faulty parking brake cable
  • Install new parking brake cable
  • Reinstall dash panels
  • Check the parking brake to ensure new cable functions properly

Is it important to replace my broken parking brake release cable?

Yes. Though it’s not necessarily an emergency situation, a broken parking brake release cable either means you can’t use your parking brake—which is bad for your car’s transmission—or you will be stuck driving with an engaged parking brake—which is horrible for your car and your parking brake.
Your parking brake keeps your transmission healthy by keeping your car stable when parked. It’s also super important if you ever park in a hilly area: it helps keep your car from rolling down or into the street when parked.

How do I know if I need to replace my parking brake release cable?

If your parking brake won’t release after being engaged, you need a replacement for the release cable. Take your car to a mechanic so that you can get this part replaced as soon as possible.

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