What does an emergency/parking brake inspection include?

During a parking brake inspection, the mechanic will examine your whole parking brake system, including the brake cable, brake lever, and other brake components. Parking brakes are usually activated by a hand lever or a foot pedal.
Parking brakes are attached to the rear brakes with a steel cable. Engaging the lever applies force to the cable, transferring force to the rear brakes and holding your car in place. If the parking brake isn’t working, you won’t have as much force to keep your car from rolling.

How to perform an emergency/parking brake inspection

During a parking brake inspection, your mechanic will check out a few potential causes of the problem:
  • Broken or rusted parking brake cable: If you don’t use your parking brake often, it’s susceptible to corrosion or rust, which can cause the brake cable to fail.
  • Seized parking brake: Sometimes you can forget to disengage your parking brake when driving—it happens. However, this can cause your brake to overheat, which wears down your braking pads and shoes or can even lock up your wheels.
  • Broken parking brake lever: The parking brake is designed to lock itself. When engaged, it’s supposed to stay locked until you release it via the lever. Over time, though, the springs inside the lever can wear out and break, which could prevent your parking brake from engaging or releasing.
  • Faulty parking brake sensor: You’ve probably noticed the red light on your dashboard telling you the parking brake is engaged. This works because of the parking brake sensor. If the sensor fails, your dash light stays illuminated even if you’ve released your brake.

When do I need to get my emergency/parking brake inspected?

Since emergency brakes are required in every car, it’s important to keep yours in decent working condition. You should get your parking brake system inspected as soon as you notice issues with it. If it’s a serious issue, it could cause further damage to your braking system—which could end up costing you more.

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