What is a tire wear inspection?

When your tires are wearing down unevenly, the mechanic will check your suspension system for issues first since it’s the more serious issue. Then your mechanic will inspect your tires for more obvious causes, like misaligned wheels, uneven tire pressure, or if your tires are in need of rotating.
Your tires are the only thing between you and the road. Driving wears your tires down over time, of course, but they’re all supposed to wear down evenly. If something causes a wheel to be off-balance, that tire is susceptible to wearing down quicker than the others.

How to perform a tire wear inspection

Your mechanic will look at several different characteristics of your tires to determine the cause of the uneven wear. Here are some common reasons one tire is wearing faster than the others:
  • Incorrect air pressure: Tires require a precise amount of air pressure. If they don’t have enough, they become underinflated and the outer part can wear too much and cause what’s known as “tire cupping,” where the tread gets worn down. If it’s overinflated, only the center of the tire touches the road, which causes bouncing and further tire damage.
  • Wheel misalignment: Wheel alignment is what keeps your tires at the proper angles so they’re all in sync with one another. Alignment helps your car drive in a straight line, ensures you can turn properly, and mitigates wear and tear on your tires.
  • Tires need rotating: Routinely having your tires rotated makes sure wear and tear stays even among your tires. Different tires may have different amounts of wear. For instance, your front driver’s side tire is susceptible to more wear and tear because it’s the side of the drive wheel. This will result in noticeable wear in one tire if you don’t rotate your tires regularly enough.
  • Damaged suspension: The suspension system connects your wheels to your car’s frame and evenly distributes your vehicle’s weight and impact on the road. This system contains many elements, like shock absorbers, struts, control arms, and ball joints. If they become damaged, it can result in large amounts of pressure on a single wheel, which can impact tire wear significantly.

When do I need to get my tires inspected?

To avoid an inconvenient or dangerous blowout, it’s best to get your tires checked out as soon as you notice uneven wearing. Tire problems are always important to deal with since they’re crucial in keeping you safe on the road. If it’s a suspension system issue, ignoring it can cause further—and more expensive—damage.

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