What is an oil pump O-ring replacement?

Oil has to be pumped up from the pan through the engine to properly lubricate the engine. This process is performed by an oil pump and requires a gasket, or O-ring, to make sure oil does not leak past the mounting location.
Common symptoms of a failed oil pump O-ring include low engine oil level, oil leaking to or covering other parts in the engine, and oil puddling underneath the car. If you notice any of these happening, it’s time to take your car to the shop.
For this repair service, your mechanic will inspect your engine for any visible oil to confirm if there is a leak and then replace the oil pump O-ring. Oil pump O-ring failure is rare, but it does happen and needs to be taken care of immediately.

How to replace an oil pump O-ring

To replace the oil pump O-ring, these are the steps taken by a mechanic:
  • Disconnect negative battery terminal, set the parking brake, lift and support the car on jacks
  • Drain engine oil, remove serpentine belt and oil pan, remove defective oil pump and O-ring
  • Clean surfaces, set new oil pump O-ring in place, apply sealant
  • Allow sealant to dry for one hour, refill engine oil
  • Lower car from jacks
  • Start car and check for any leaks and smooth operation for the oil pump

When do I need to replace my oil pump O-ring?

If your car has low engine oil, oil visible around the timing cover, or oil visible around the intake manifold, you need to have your oil pump O-ring replaced. These are all common symptoms when the O-ring has failed.
It is usually recommended to replace the oil pump during this service since the former pump needs to be removed to replace the O-ring.
Oil leaks are notoriously difficult to find and accurately diagnose. Take your car to the shop as soon as possible if you notice anything out of the ordinary, including a check engine light, subpar performance, low engine oil, or visible oil in the engine or beneath the car.

How important is an oil pump o-ring replacement?

Any and all oil leaks can be serious threats to the health of your car’s engine. Small leaks will lead to much larger problems, such as low oil damaging the engine. Make sure to stay on schedule for your car’s maintenance to avoid any issues.

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