What is an oil pressure sensor?

Because there is no way to visually measure that your car is pumping enough oil through your engine, an oil pressure sensor is your set of eyes beneath your car’s hood.
Your car’s computer uses an oil pressure sensor to measure the flow of oil in your engine. If your oil pressure drops too low, not enough oil is circulating through your engine. Without sufficient oil pressure, your engine may not properly cool itself, or the friction between unlubricated parts could do significant damage.
Newer makes and models of cars may have an oil pressure gauge that measures pressure in PSI. If your oil drops below standard PSI levels, your sensor may need to be checked.
A lit-up oil pressure light on the dashboard is a warning that your oil pressure is dangerously low. That said, there is no real way to visually inspect the condition of your oil pressure sensor. If the light comes on, it may be a sign that you need more oil—or it could indicate that your sensor isn’t working.
If your oil pressure light is still on after you’ve changed your oil, it’s likely your sensor is faulty. Take your car to a mechanic to diagnose the cause of the light.

How is an oil pressure sensor replaced?

Because most cars are computerized, an intricate job like replacing an oil pressure sensor should be done by a professional. Here’s what they will do:
  • The vehicle is raised on jack stands
  • The faulty oil pressure sensor is removed
  • A new oil pressure sensor is installed
  • The vehicle is started, and the oil pressure is checked
  • The vehicle is lowered and taken off the jack stands
  • The vehicle is road-tested to see that the oil pressure light doesn’t switch on again
An oil pressure sensor is a basic electrical switch designed to measure accurate, real-time pressure and send a warning signal to your car’s instrument panel. The replacement of this electrical component should restore accurate readings to your car’s dashboard.

How important is it to get an oil pressure sensor replacement

Your car must maintain proper oil pressure while the engine is running. It is just as crucial that your car’s oil pressure be constantly monitored.
Running your car if oil the pressure is too low can cause expensive damage to your engine. If your engine pressure comes on, call a trusted mechanic to check it out.

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