What is an oil pressure light is on inspection?

An oil pressure light is on inspection allows your mechanic to identify the root cause of this warning light coming on, and come up with a course of action to repair whatever is causing it.
There are all sorts of issues that can cause low oil pressure and some of them can be fixed rather quickly and easily or with an oil change. Others, however, will lead to more costly repairs.
An oil pressure sensor replacement will usually cost around $100 to $300. An oil pump replacement is pricier, at around $800 to $1,500.
Replacing something even more complex like engine bearings involves rebuilding parts of the engine and can cost thousands of dollars, but these more extensive repairs will be rarer and usually only happen to older cars. In some extreme cases, it might be cheaper to replace the entire engine.

How to perform an oil pressure light is on inspection

Your mechanic should be able to diagnose the problem by doing these steps in the order they feel is most prudent:
  • Check the oil level
  • Inspect the oil filter
  • Visually inspect trouble areas for oil leaks and sludgy buildups
  • Use a code scanner to see if there are issues with the oil pressure sensor
  • Inspect the oil pump
From here, the mechanic should know the source of the problem, or at least have a strong lead on it.

Do I need an oil pressure light is on inspection?

If you see the oil pressure light, pull over as soon as it’s safe to do so, turn your car off, and call a mechanic or your dealership immediately.
Your mechanic will likely ask you a few questions to determine how much danger you’re in. You might be asked to describe sounds and smells and look under the car to see if anything is leaking.
Some mechanics might ask you to drive to their shop if it’s close by, while others will insist you get a tow truck. If this is a mechanic you know and trust, follow their recommendation or call another repair shop to get a second opinion. But do not drive the car unless a mechanic tells you it’s temporarily safe to do so.

How important is an oil pressure light is on inspection?

An oil pressure light indicates a serious problem with your engine’s oil flow that can cause extreme damage. Without proper lubrication, engine components will grind together and the whole engine will seize. Sparks and shrapnel can destroy bearings, valves, seals, and cylinders. The damage can be catastrophic.
What could have been as simple as needing a new oil filter can devolve into a nightmare scenario where you’re spending thousands of dollars replacing your engine.
If you’re driving an older, used car, it might end up costing so much it would just be cheaper to buy a new car entirely. So definitely take this problem seriously and stop driving as soon as you see an oil pressure light.

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