What is an oil level is low inspection?

During an oil level is low inspection, a mechanic will identify why oil levels are low in your engine. Identifying why oil levels are low in your engine is usually a fairly straightforward procedure for an experienced mechanic. But there are lots of different issues that can lead to oil levels running low.
Oil leaks can stem from needing a valve guide replacement, which can cost around $200 or less, or needing an oil pan gasket replacement, which can cost around $400.
One of the ugliest and most expensive repairs you might need is a piston ring replacement, which can cost thousands of dollars and requires extensive engine work. But these repairs are quite rare and are usually only needed in much older cars and cars with high mileage.

How to perform an oil level is low inspection

Here’s what your mechanic will do during an oil level is low inspection:
  • Check the oil level
  • Check the type of oil currently being used
  • Search the engine and below the car for oil leaks
  • Check valve guides
  • Inspect piston rings
  • If necessary, use a code scanner to identify problems with the oil pressure sensor

Do I need an oil level is low inspection?

Here are some of the warning signs you might be driving with a low oil level:
  • Oil pressure warning light is showing on your dashboard
  • You smell burning oil
  • The engine is performing weaker than usual
  • The engine is running hot or overheating

How important is an oil level is low inspection?

Driving when your oil level is low is dangerous and can cause extensive damage to your vehicle. If you see an oil level warning light or smell burning oil, pull over immediately and turn your car off. Call a mechanic and ask what you should do next.

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