What is an oil cooler hose replacement?

Your car’s oil cooler hose circulates oil between the radiator, transmission, and engine. The oil cools down at the radiator so that it continues lubricating your engine, which helps all of the engine parts move smoothly without causing friction.
When you go to have your oil changed, you can expect your mechanic to take a look at your oil cooler hose. If they see any signs of leakage or physical damage to the hose, they’ll let you know it’s time to replace it.

How to replace an oil cooler hose

To replace your oil cooler hose, your mechanic will usually complete the following steps:
  • Detach the hose itself, ensuring to drain any excess oil into an oil pan
  • Confirm that the new and old cooler hose are the same size
  • Install the new oil cooler hose, starting on the radiator side and then moving to the engine side
  • Check for new leaks to ensure the new hose is in working condition
If there is existing damage to the engine or transmission, further action may be needed.

How important is replacing your oil cooler hose?

If you do not replace a broken oil cooler house, your car’s oil will leak out entirely. With no lubrication, your engine’s parts are at risk of causing friction and overheating. If your engine overheats, all of its important components could be damaged.
While replacing an oil cooler hose is simple, fixing an engine is not. If your engine is damaged, you’ll have to pay a lot more for maintenance than you would have otherwise.

Tips for replacing an oil cooler hose

If your oil cooler hose is broken, there are a few other parts of your car that could probably use a look.
You should expect your mechanic to take a look at the oil pump while they are in the process of replacing the hose. The oil pump works with the hose to circulate oil within your car’s system, and an issue with your pump can be just as damaging as an issue with your hose.

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