What is oil cooler adapter gasket replacement?

Once you’ve noticed low oil levels in your vehicle and/or oil leaking from your vehicle, your mechanic will identify if the oil cooler adapter gasket is the source of the problem and confirm whether or not it needs replacement.
The oil cooler adapter gasket is a part of the engine’s cooling system and is responsible for removing excess heat from the oil rather than cooling the oil directly. The oil cooler adapter gasket will vary by shape and size depending on the specific manufacturer.

How to replace an oil cooler adapter gasket

After your mechanic identifies the oil cooler adapter gasket as the source of the low oil levels or oil leaks, these are the step’s they’ll take to get you back on the road:
  • Lift the vehicle on jack stands to effectively drain the oil and remove the filter
  • Old oil cooler adapter gasket is removed and replaced
  • Replace with new oil and filters
  • Lower from jack stands if no leaks are observable
Continue to check your oil levels over the following weeks to ensure the service was performed without error. Your oil cooler adapter gasket condition is typically inspected during basic vehicle maintenance.

How important is replacing the oil cooler adapter gasket

With time and constant exposure to high heat, your vehicle’s oil cooler adapter gasket will degrade. It will eventually begin to leak oil and need to be replaced.
Maintaining proper engine temperature is vital to your vehicle’s efficiency and longevity. Take your vehicle to the auto shop immediately if you start noticing these issues to avoid engine damage.

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