What is a manifold temperature sensor replacement?

A manifold temperature sensor replacement is required when your manifold temperature sensor stops communicating essential data about engine airflow to your car’s computer.
The manifold temperature sensor helps ensure the engine is getting enough and the right kind of air. If there’s a problem with your car’s air temperature, it’s the manifold temperature sensor’s responsibility to send a message to your car’s internal computer.
If it stops working, your engine can overheat. Your mechanic will need to replace this part in a shop.

How to replace a manifold temperature sensor

A mechanic will usually complete the following steps to replace your manifold temperature sensor:
  • Remove the air cleaner for access
  • Remove the broken manifold temperature sensor
  • Install and connect the new manifold temperature sensor
  • Reinstall the air cleaner assembly
The mechanic will then perform one final check to make sure there aren’t any leaks.

When do I need to replace my manifold temperature sensor?

There are two scenarios in which you need to replace your manifold temperature sensor:
  • Your check engine light has turned on
  • Your engine is acting erratically as a result of an imbalanced air-fuel mix
Your manifold temperature sensor isn’t typically examined in routine maintenance, so make sure to bring your car to a mechanic as soon as your check engine light goes on.
This replacement is very important, as delaying it can cause significant damage to your engine.

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