What happens during a U-joint lubrication service?

In this service, the U-joint zerk fittings on your car will be examined and lubricated by a mechanic.
If the U-joints exhibit excessive friction, they should be properly inspected to ensure that they do not need to be replaced.

How do I know if I need my U-joints lubricated?

There are a few common signs that your U-joint should be lubricated:
  • Clicking noise from the vehicle when it’s in gear
  • Vibrations in the vehicle when driving

How to lubricate your U-joints

When lubricating your U-joints, a mechanic will usually do the following:
  • Elevate and support the vehicle on jack stands
  • Locate the U-joints on every drive shaft and steering shaft
  • Inject new grease into the zerk grease fittings
  • Remove the vehicle from the jack stands

How important is it to get my U-joints lubricated?

If your car is exhibiting any indication that the U-joint isn’t functioning properly, it’s important they’re serviced right away.
These components are subjected to tremendous torque, and the breakdown of a spinning shaft can lead to highly unpredictable driving conditions.

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