What does lubricating the hood hinge do? 

Lubricating the hood hinge ensures that your hood can open and close smoothly and quietly. The service maintains the healthy function of the hood and keeps the hood aligned with its latch so that it can close properly and protect the engine.
If you are having issues with your hood latching, lubricating the hood hinge won’t solve that. Your hood latch may be misaligned, which will require service from a trustworthy mechanic.  

How do I lubricate my hood hinge? 

You can usually lubricate a hood hinge on your own. The steps are fairly simple: 
  • Put on safety goggles
  • Lift and prop your hood 
  • Place towels or paper towels under the hinge on each side 
  • Using a quality lubricant like WD40 or white lithium grease, carefully spray the pivot points on each hinge  
  • Slowly shift the hood up and down to work the grease into the pivot points 
  • Remove excess oil with a towel so it doesn’t attract dirt
You’ll want to use a pin-point nozzle to spray your lubricant so that it can easily reach tight crevices. 
If you are hesitant to lubricate the hinge yourself, you can always ask a professional to do it for you—just keep in mind that this may cost a couple of hundred dollars. 

How do I know if I need to lubricate my hood hinge? 

If you have any of the following symptoms, it’s time to lubricate your hood hinge: 
  • The hood squeaks when opening or closing 
  • The hood gets stuck when opening or closing
  • There is unusual friction when opening or closing the hood 

How important is lubricating the hood hinge? 

Failing to properly lubricate a hood hinge can result in the hood becoming jammed shut. It’s important to prevent this from happening because several maintenance issues and routines can only be addressed from inside the hood. 
This includes urgent concerns like a rattling engine or a dead battery—access under the hood is vital in resolving both of these situations.  

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