What is an inspection for loud noises when a car is put in gear?

Shifting should be smooth, easy, and nearly silent—whether you have a manual or automatic transmission. Loud noise while shifting is a sign that something is wrong, and the problem could be one of the following:
  • U-joint: The U-joint keeps the driveshaft connected properly. If this part is failing, it may be flexing to allow undesirable movement. As a result, you may hear loud noises and vibrations when the car is put in gear.
  • Motor mount: The motor mount stabilizes the engine. Some vehicles use rubber blocks whereas others use hydraulic units. Either way, a failing motor mount or missing bolt will create noise when the vehicle is put into gear.
  • Low transmission fluid: This is the most common reason for transmission-related issues. Low fluid means that the transmission may not have enough protection from heat and movement, resulting in friction (and noise).
  • Clutch: If you drive a manual, the clutch is a key component in seamless shifting. A worn out clutch could lead to grinding or screeching noises when you put the car in gear.
  • Bearings: In a manual vehicle, the pilot bearing and throwout bearing help support the clutch disc and disengage the clutch, respectively. Loud noises could indicate a failed bearing.

How to get a driveshaft and joint inspection

Your shifting system needs to be inspected to determine the source of the problem. Mechanics may inspect the:
  • Transmission fluid
  • Clutch
  • Motor mount
  • Bearings
  • U-joint
  • Driveshaft
Call a garage and explain that your car is making loud noises when the car is put in gear. Describe any specific sounds you have been hearing if you can identify them (i.e., screeching vs. clunking). Ask for a driveshaft and joint inspection.

How long will the inspection take?

This inspection may take half a day or longer to rule out all potential sources of the problem.

How do I know if I need to get an inspection when my car is making loud noises when put in gear?

Unusual noises when shifting gears is a clear sign that something is wrong. Vibrations and difficulty turning are two additional symptoms. Any of these symptoms justifies getting an inspection.

How important is a driveshaft and joint inspection?

It’s very important to get the problem assessed by a trained mechanic. The problem could be simple, like a failed U-joint. However, the problem could be very serious, such as a damaged transmission.
This could turn into a dangerous and costly problem. At the first sign of odd noises while putting your car into gear, book an appointment.

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