What is a loud clicking noise when I turn the car inspection? 

If you hear a loud clicking noise when you turn your car, it may be an indication that you need some suspension work. 
To check this, a mechanic will examine the underside of the car to determine if there is any damage to the CV Boot, the CV Joint, or other nearby parts. A mechanic may do a visual inspection by checking under the vehicle. They will look for unlevel axle shafts or tears in the car’s rubber boots, both of which can indicate a larger problem. 
Depending on what the mechanic finds, it may necessitate a rear shock absorber replacement, a front shock absorber replacement, a power steering rack replacement, or a sway bar replacement

Common causes of a loud clicking noise

A loud clicking noise while turning is a sign that something is wrong with your suspension. There are a few common causes: 
  • CV joint failure: The CV joint transfers the power from the engine to the wheels. When the joints deteriorate, they will make a clicking sound. The joints may just need more grease, or the axle may need to be entirely replaced. 
  • Bearing hub deterioration: The axle hub bearing helps carry the weight of your car while the wheels rotate. If the bearing hub fails, it can cause a clicking noise.
  • Loose wheel lugs: Lug nuts hold the wheels onto the axle. If these get too loose, the wheel rim will move, making a clicking sound. These can be easily tightened with a torque wrench.
  • Worn out sway bar links: The sway bar helps control the sway of the car. If the end rubber insulators wear out, the metal of the sway bar will connect with the control arm, causing a clicking noise. 

How important is an inspection when there is a loud clicking noise? 

A clicking noise could be an indication of a small problem that has the potential to turn into a larger issue. 
While you don’t need to drive to a mechanic right away—or call a tow truck—you should schedule an appointment with a mechanic as quickly as possible. Left unchecked, the source of the clicking noise can cause other major problems. 

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