What is a loss of power inspection? 

When a car begins to show signs of slow performance—like hesitating after a stop or moving slowly on highways—it may be an indication that your car is losing power. 
There are many reasons your car could be losing power, and it can be hard to tell from just monitoring the car’s performance.
That’s where a loss of power inspection is useful. In a loss of power inspection, a mechanic will inspect your car to determine the cause of the loss of power. 
Once the mechanic has located the source of the problem, they will give you a report of their findings, along with suggested maintenance and repairs.

Common reasons for a loss of power 

When performing the loss of power inspection, the mechanic will look for the following things:
  • Defective fuel pump: A malfunctioning fuel pump can prevent the flow of fuel, which powers the car. You may hear a sputtering while trying to drive at high speeds. 
  • Vacuum leak: If there is a leak in the vehicle’s vacuum, the car won’t be able to regulate the air-to-fuel ratio, which can cause a power failure. If this is the case, you’ll hear a hissing noise from the engine. 
  • Ignition system: If this ignition system isn’t working, it could contribute to the power loss. This can be checked with a regular tune-up. 
  • Timing belt or chain: A faulty timing belt can cause valves on the engine to open and close at the wrong time. You’ll typically hear a clattering noise if this is the problem.
  • Catalytic converter: A failing catalytic converter prevents airflow in the vehicle and to the engine. Your car could overheat in addition to having power problems.
  • Airflow sensor: If the airflow sensor is dirty or broken, this could tell the engine computer that the power is failing. 

How important is a loss of power inspection? 

If you hear clattering, hissing, or sputtering and notice a sluggishness in your vehicle, it is imperative to get a loss of power inspection. 
A vehicle that is running poorly on the road can be a danger to you and other drivers, so it’s vital to get the car looked at as soon as you hear noises that are unusual or notice poor performance.   

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