Your car’s lateral links are parts of the rear suspension system. They connect both wheel hubs to the center areas of the car’s chassis, helping keep the wheels centered and angled correctly.
If a lateral link breaks, the car’s rear sway bar will pick up the slack. Your car may feel wobbly or relatively normal. However, a broken lateral link can make your car dangerous to drive.
A hard impact like a collision is more likely to damage or break a lateral link than general wear and tear.
Lateral link replacement tends to be relatively inexpensive, ranging in price from $150 to $250 for most cars. Luxury cars and sports cars always have more expensive repairs, and lateral link replacements are no exception: you’ll likely spend closer to $400 to $500 if that’s the case.
Here are the steps your mechanic will likely follow during a lateral link replacement:
  • Inspect the lateral links to identify which ones need replacing
  • Remove the wheels
  • Remove and replace the damaged lateral links
  • Replace the wheels
  • Test-drive the car to make sure everything is working
Here are some of the warning signs you may need a lateral link replacement:
  • The car feels wobbly, like the wheels are loose or shaky
  • Steering feels strange. It may feel like the steering wheel is trying to tug away or jerk out of your hands, especially when you’re turning (also referred to as “torque steer”)
  • The car is pulling to the side while you’re trying to drive straight
  • The rear tires are wearing out more quickly than usual
  • You hear something banging or clunking in the rear of the car while you’re driving
Driving with failed lateral links is dangerous and can result in an accident. You’ll want to get a lateral link replacement before the situation gets worse.

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