What is an ignition cable replacement?

Your ignition cables, AKA spark plug wires, are an important component in your ignition system. When the cables break down, they need to be replaced so the spark can reach the engine. Here are the basic steps for an ignition cable replacement:
  1. Scan the vehicle’s computer system to search for any error codes.
  2. Conduct a visual inspection of the ignition cables. White spots are a good indication of a problem.
  3. Do an Ohm test on each individual cable.
  4. Remove faulty cables and replace them with new parts.
  5. Inspect the spark plugs.
  6. Clear the codes on the computer system.

How to get an ignition cable replacement

An ignition cable replacement is a scheduled service (usually every 60,000 miles). However, it’s a good idea to inspect the cables anytime you change the spark plugs. Engine trouble could signify a problem with worn out or damaged cables, too. This service is fairly straightforward. Mechanics may need:
  • Diagnostic scanner
  • New ignition cables
  • A multimeter
Call a garage and explain the problem. Your check engine light may be on. Tell the mechanic if you have noticed any other symptoms like vibration or poor gas mileage. Ask for an ignition system inspection and ignition cable replacement.

How long will the replacement take?

An ignition cable replacement could take half a day. The service is fairly straightforward, but it does involve multiple steps and installing a replacement part.

How do I know if I need to get an ignition cable replacement?

It can be difficult to tell whether your ignition cables need to be replaced. If your check engine light is on, you should schedule an inspection. Engine misfires and poor gas mileage are secondary indicators that you may need an ignition cable replacement. Finally, a slightly vibrating engine can signify a problem with the cables. If you observe any of these signs, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to see if it needs an ignition cable replacement.
An inspection is the best way to find out which part of your ignition system is malfunctioning. Be aware that engine problems could signify a problem with the ignition cable, the ignition coil, or the spark plugs.

How important is an ignition cable replacement?

This service is very important, but you can still safely drive your vehicle in the meantime. Keep in mind that, depending on the severity of the malfunction, your car may go from running poorly to failing to start altogether. Don’t let this problem go on for too long.

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