What is an ignition switch replacement?

In this inspection, a mechanic can determine the cause of your ignition relay’s malfunction and provide you with a thorough inspection report that includes any repairs that are required.
The ignition relay is an electrical component that controls the power to your fuel and ignition systems. It aids in the ignition of the fuel and is critical in getting your car up and going.

How do I know if I need an ignition switch replacement?

There are a number of common indicators that your ignition switch needs to be replaced:
  • Your car may not start
  • Your car starts but then dies
  • Electrical components (radio, lights, clock, etc.) aren’t working

How to replace your ignition switch

To perform an ignition switch replacement, your mechanic will usually do the following steps:
  • Look over the condition of the ignition switch
  • Remove and replace the faulty ignition switch
  • Test the car and make sure all of the electrical components are functional

How important is it to get my ignition switch replaced?

When your ignition switch fails, your starter and electrical components are unable to take power from your battery.
You won’t be able to use your radio, lights, or air conditioning if your ignition switch fails, and you eventually won’t be able to start your vehicle.
In extreme circumstances, a broken ignition switch will prevent you from turning off your vehicle even if you remove the key. If you suspect an issue with your ignition switch, have it checked out right away.

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