Melanie Reiff
Updated on Aug 11, 2022
**A mechanic will help replace your car hood latch, which keeps your hood securely closed while you’re driving. You’ll need this service if your car hood no longer stays shut or you can’t open it. **
A functional car hood latch is essential to your safety on the road—that’s why auto insurance expert Jerry has created this simple guide with everything you need to know about car hood latch replacement.
The exact cost varies between different Gmc models. For example, newer vehicle models are usually made with more expensive materials, so recent or high-end models will cost more, especially if your service requires a part replacement. Use the table below to estimate the cost for your own vehicle.

What is a car hood latch replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will inspect your car hood latch to assess its condition.
A car hood latch is essential for keeping the car’s hood securely shut, so it doesn’t fly open while driving. It also allows access to the vehicle’s engine and other mechanical components.
A hood latch usually consists of a hook and eye assembly.
When you pull the hood latch release, a cable that runs from the front of the car through the engine bay and firewall pulls the latch open, releasing the hood.

How to replace a car hood latch

To replace a car hood latch, a mechanic will perform the following steps:
  • Remove and replace the hood latch assembly
  • Install a new hood latch assembly
  • Test the new latch to make sure it’s working properly
Generally, the** entire assembly**—hook and eye—is replaced. One component is located on the actual hood of the car and the other inside the vehicle’s front end (behind the grill, for example). It takes less than one hour to complete.
Depending on your car’s make and model, removing and replacing the hood latch may be complex. Read the owner’s manual before attempting any repairs, and if unsure, head to the mechanic.

When do I need to replace my hood latch?

**Car hood latch assemblies can stop working for various reasons, including rust, debris, and accidents. **You will know your hood latch needs to be replaced when:
  • The hood is open and will not shut
  • You’re unable to open the hood
  • The latch is difficult to operate when trying to open the hood
Driving with a damaged hood latch can be dangerous for you and other people on the road. That’s why it’s essential to get it repaired as soon as you can. It’s also important to routinely check your hood latch to ensure it’s working properly.

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Keep in mind that your location is another factor that determines the final cost of repairs. Areas with higher cost of living will usually have more expensive car repair services, especially if there’s less local competition. Check out the table below for an estimate of what Gmc drivers pay in different cities.
Jerry doesn’t just offer fair price repair estimates for Gmc drivers! Our team of writers has collected everything you need to know for every car. Here’s how much the repair costs for some popular cars:
CarTotal Cost EstimateParts CostLabor CostAverage Dealer PriceEstimated Service Duration
Wm300 Power Wagon
Savana 3500
E-200 Econoline
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