What is a hood latch replacement?

A hood latch replacement puts a new latch assembly into your car when your old one stops working. This is normally a hook and eye system that allows the hood to open and close. 
To open your hood, you pull the release handle inside your car, which pulls on a cable that runs from the back to the front of your hood. The cable displaces a first latch to release the hood. 
From there, you can manually pull the hood through a second safety latch to access your car parts and do repairs. 
If these latches aren’t working properly, you may not be able to open your hood. The hood latch also prevents the hood from flying open while you’re driving. 

How to replace a hood latch

During a hood latch replacement, the mechanic will:
  • Open the hood
  • Remove any covers to expose the latch and loosen any retaining bolts
  • Disconnect the cable and remove the latch
  • Install a new latch assembly
  • Tighten the latch and replace any covers
  • Close the hood and make sure the assembly allows the hood to open and close securely

When do I need to replace my hood latch? 

If it’s difficult to open the hood, nothing happens when you pull the hood release, or your hood won’t stay closed, it’s time to take your car in for a possible hood latch replacement. 
The latch assembly experiences wear and tear from exposure and rust. The cable may seize up over time or freeze.
It’s very important to get the replacement as soon as possible since a damaged latch could allow your hood to fly open while you’re driving and impair your vision or damage the car.

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