What is a high beam not working inspection?

When you take your car to a shop, the mechanic will check the entirety of your lighting system to determine what’s preventing the high beams from turning on.
blown fuse and malfunctioning switch are two of the most common problems to blame for malfunctioning high beams.
If you noticed one bulb going out before the other, the bulbs may just need to be replaced—and you can usually do this at home.

How to inspect high beams

In this service, you can expect the mechanic or worker to examine the:
  • Bulbs
  • Fuse
  • Relay
  • Switch
  • Wiring
These parts work together to circulate energy through the system and switch the output between your regular bulbs and high beams.
Once they identify a problem, they’ll recommend the appropriate repair or replacement and give a rough estimate of the cost.

How do I know if I need to have my high beams inspected?

You won’t usually need your high beams inspected unless you notice they’re not working—they might be extremely dim, flicker, or not turn on at all.
If the issue is not resolved after replacing the bulbs (which a professional would be happy to do for you for a fee), you’ll want to take the car in for a more comprehensive inspection.

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