What is a car heater blower motor?

The car heater blower motor allows you to control the air coming through your vents. With this motor, you can turn the airflow on and off or change the speed and intensity of the fan. The motor uses a resistor to change the fan’s speed.
Without a working car heater blower motor, you won’t be able to control the hot air in your car’s cabin.

When do I need a car heater blower motor replacement?

Here are a few common signs that it’s time to replace your car’s heater blower motor:
  • You can’t change the speed at which hot hair is pushed into the cabin.
  • No hot air is coming out of your car’s vents.
The damage may be caused by a faulty power connector—with a high amount of current running through it, it’s not uncommon for the connector to melt. In this case, the motor may be undamaged but malfunctioning due to a poor connection.
You don’t want to be driving in winter weather without a working heater blower motor! It’s much more dangerous than you think—your driving ability may be impaired in a very hot or very cold cabin.

How to replace a car heater blower motor

A car heater blower motor replacement is a simple process. To perform this service, the mechanic will:
  • Check the circuits and power source to confirm the error lies with the motor itself
  • Remove the faulty motor
  • Install a new motor
  • Test the heating system to make sure the new motor works

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