What is a headlight switch replacement?

A skilled mechanic can determine whether your headlight switch is to blame when your headlights stop working and swap it out for a new one.
Multiple parts work together for your headlights and high beams to turn on and off on demand, including the:
  • Switch
  • Relay
  • Fuse
  • Actuator
  • Bulb
The mechanic will need to perform preliminary testing to determine which of these parts is malfunctioning.

How to replace a headlight switch

Once your mechanic determines that the headlight switch is malfunctioning, they will:
  • Remove the switch
  • Install a new switch
  • Test operation of the new switch
Depending on your car make, you may need to purchase a switch directly from your dealership and bring it to the mechanic.

Tips for a headlight switch replacement

Before you take the car in for repairs, you can try a few steps to try to resolve the issue at home:
  • Check and clean the headlight lenses. They can become dirty over time, which can make it seem like no light is shining through.
  • Check if the bulb is simply burnt out. Replacing a headlight bulb is simple—just look at your owner’s manual for specific instructions.
If neither of these actions help the situation, take the car to a shop. Try to identify whether you’re having a problem with the headlights, high beams, or both to help the mechanic work more quickly.

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