What’s involved in an inspection if my headlights aren’t working?

In this inspection, a mechanic will determine the source of your failing headlight. They’ll generally go through the following steps:
  • Check the fuse to make sure it hasn’t blown
  • If blown, replace it
  • If the fuse is working, check for power at the fuse with a test light or voltmeter
  • If there’s no power, there’s likely an issue with the wiring
  • If there is power, check if the lighting relay is working
  • If the relay is working, examine the light switch itself

How do I know if I need to get my headlights inspected?

You should be able to notice immediately when your headlight isn’t working, as one or both lights will be faulty or completely out.
It’s common for one headlight to stop working on just a specific setting, such as high- or low-beam. In this case, try replacing the bulb first.
However, if one or both headlights are completely out, it’s usually worth hiring a mechanic to take a look at your lighting system.

How important is inspecting my headlights if they’re not working?

A broken headlight is a potential safety hazard.
If you’re trying to drive when it’s dark or in low-visibility conditions like fog, a faulty headlight could lead to an accident—which brings both financial damages and potential bodily harm.

Tips for an inspection when your headlight is not working

There are a few common reasons for your headlight to stop working:
  • Burnt bulb
  • Blown fuse
  • Faulty sockets
  • Bad relay
  • Bad headlight switch
  • Bad ground from the light
The older your car is, the more likely you’ll need to have your headlights inspected and repaired. Most lighting issues are a result of simple wear and tear.

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