What’s involved in an inspection for a grinding sound from transmission?

In this inspection, a mechanic will identify the source of the grinding noise, then inspect your transmission and transmission fluid to determine if any more repairs are required.
They’ll probably perform a test drive to get an idea of what the grinding noise sounds like and to help figure out where it’s coming from.
To finish up, the mechanic will provide you with a full inspection report detailing the scope and cost of required repairs.

How do I know if I need to get my transmission inspected?

If you hear a grinding sound, especially while shifting gears, it’s safest to take your car in for an inspection right away.

How important is inspecting a grinding noise from my transmission?

A grinding sound indicates that something is wrong with your transmission, which is a key player when it comes to your car’s performance.
Failing to address a transmission problem promptly can result in total transmission failure, which means your car will not be able to move—so you should have an inspection done as soon as possible.

Tips for getting your transmission inspected

There are a few common issues that may cause your transmission to make a grinding sound:
  • Your transmission fluid is low
  • Your transmission fluid is contaminated
  • Your differential may be low on fluid (for all-wheel drive cars)
  • There may be a cracked or chipped gear
  • Your synchronizer may have failed (for stick-shift cars)
You’re more likely to hear a grinding noise while shifting if you own a manual transmission vehicle.

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