What is a fuel injector replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will remove your car’s fuel rail, replace the defective fuel injector with a working one, and run the engine to check there are no leaks.
The function of the fuel injectors is to provide the correct amount of fuel to the engine so that it can efficiently generate power. They can deteriorate and break down over time, resulting in fuel leaks.

How to replace your fuel injector

To replace your fuel injector, a mechanic will usually perform the following steps:
  • After the engine is cold, relieve pressure within the fuel rail
  • Remove any wiring, hoses, or cables that restrict access to the injector
  • Unbolt and remove the fuel rail
  • Remove the fuel injector from the rail
  • Reinsert the new (or repaired) fuel injector
  • Reinstall the fuel rail and reconnect all the cables, hoses, and wiring that was previously disconnected

How do I know if I need to get a fuel injector replacement?

The following are some signs that your fuel injector needs to be replaced:
  • Loss of power or misfiring
  • Odor of gas
  • Visible leaks
  • Check engine light is on
If you’re undergoing any major repairs and your engine is disassembled, that’s the perfect time to have your fuel injector inspected and serviced!

How important is replacing my fuel injector?

It’s technically safe to drive with a faulty fuel injector as long as there is no external leakage.
But you risk engine misfires, excessive emissions, or even an overheated catalytic converter if you continue to drive with a broken or malfunctioning fuel injector.

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