What is a fuel filler neck replacement?

The fuel filler neck is either metal or rubber. A leaky fuel filler neck is dangerous. Here are the basic steps that a mechanic may take to perform a fuel filler neck replacement:
  • The mechanic may raise the vehicle on jack stands. Then, they will likely remove a wheel to get access to the fuel filler neck.
  • The inner fender must be temporarily removed to allow the mechanic to access the faulty filler neck.
  • The mechanic will take out the defective filler neck. Then, the new part will be installed and the inner fender replaced.
  • Now, the vehicle can be taken off the jack stands and taken for a test drive to ensure the problem is resolved.

How to get a fuel filler neck replacement

A fuel filler neck replacement is a multi-step process. Mechanics may need:
  • Jack stands or other means of lifting the vehicle
  • Replacement fuel filler neck
  • Soldering equipment
  • Protective gear
Call a garage and explain any symptoms you’re observing. Describe any fuel smells or chemical leaks. Ask for a fuel filler neck inspection and replacement.

How long will the replacement take?

A fuel filler neck replacement could take more than half a day since your vehicle must be lifted. Plus, fuel vapors are a fire hazard and the mechanic must take extreme care during this repair.

How do I know if I need to get a fuel filler neck replacement?

If you can smell fuel vapors, this is a clear sign that you need a fuel filler neck replacement. You may observe leaking fuel or other chemicals. You may also notice low gas mileage or below-average performance while driving. If you’re unsure, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to see if it needs a fuel filler neck replacement.

How important is a fuel filler neck replacement?

This repair is extremely important. A faulty fuel filler neck is a fire hazard. It creates a pool of flammable liquid underneath and inside your vehicle. Not only is a faulty part dangerous, but it can contribute to poor fuel economy. If you notice puddles of gas or decreased mileage, do not hesitate to book a fuel filler neck replacement.

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