What is a fuel filler cap replacement?

The fuel filler cap, AKA the gas cap, is a plastic cap that encloses the fuel inlet tube. It stops contaminants from getting inside. The gas cap must have a tight seal so that the fuel tank can pressurize properly. Here are the basic steps for a fuel filler cap replacement:
  • Open the fuel access door to inspect the gas cap and fuel inlet tube. Check the cap for cracks or failing seals.
  • If the cap is defective, the mechanic will remove it. Sometimes, it simply needs a good cleaning.
  • The mechanic will install a new fuel filler cap. The replacement cap must be a perfect match to the size of the original part or else the seal will not work.
  • After installing the new part, your mechanic will close the access door and test for success.

How to get a fuel filler cap replacement

A fuel filler replacement is a very straightforward process. Mechanics may need:
  • A new fuel filler cap
Call a garage and explain that your vehicle has a fuel filler cap problem. Describe any trouble with pressurization, re-screwing the cap, etc. Ask for a fuel filler cap replacement and note the make and model of your vehicle.

How long will the replacement take?

A fuel filler cap replacement could take less than an hour. It depends on how busy the mechanic is and whether they have the exact cap that your vehicle needs.

How do I know if I need to get a fuel filler cap replacement?

If you don’t feel the telltale click when closing your fuel cap, then you may need a fuel filler cap replacement. You may also notice cracks or damage to the fuel cap, or it could be missing altogether. The Check Engine light may appear. If you observe any of these signs, bring your vehicle to a mechanic to see if it needs a fuel filler cap replacement.

How important is a fuel filler cap replacement?

This repair is important, although it’s unlikely that you will face serious damage without a proper gas cap. The fuel filler cap keeps gas contained within the tank. An improper seal could cause problems with pressurization and you could fail the emissions test. Even worse, if you leave the Check Engine light on, you may end up in a situation where your vehicle can’t warn you of a more serious problem.
Get your fuel filler cap replaced as soon as it malfunctions. It’s an easy repair.

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