What is a fuel door inspection?

The fuel door is the part of the car that covers the gas cap, which leads to the gas tank. The door insulates the gas tank and protects it from any debris.
The door is connected to a cable that is pulled taut. When you trigger a lever by your driver’s seat, the cable releases and the door opens. The door should click back into place when pressed into the body of the car.
If the door is not connecting, a mechanic can assess why it is not closing. They will inspect the fuel door cables and look at any latches or hinges that may be broken. Once they determine the source of the problem, they can replace the broken part—which should be an easy and cheap fix.

Common reasons for a fuel door not closing

There are a few reasons why a fuel door won’t close:
  • Slack fuel door cable. The fuel door is operated by a taut cable that allows it to open and close. If the cable isn’t tight enough, it will stop doing its job.
  • Broken fuel door latch. The latch holds the fuel door in place when it is closed. If this is broken, the door won’t stay shut.
  • Damaged fuel door hinge. The hinge of the fuel door controls its ability to open and close. If the hinge is bent or broken, it won’t swing properly and the fuel door will stick.

How important is a fuel door that won’t close inspection?

Though it’s not a safety hazard, a fuel door that won’t close looks bad and could leave the car susceptible to further problems. It’s smart to get the door fixed before the damage becomes worse.
That said, you’ll be able to get away with making an appointment with a mechanic and not rushing your car in immediately. A broken fuel door should not impede your ability to drive as long as the gas cap and gas tank are unharmed.

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