What is a flexible clutch hose replacement?

The flexible clutch hose is part of your car’s hydraulic clutch system to supply your clutch with fluid and allows it to move smoothly when shifting gears. 
Over time, the hose can crack, leak, compress, or kink. These issues will cut off the fluid supply to the clutch and cause shifting problems. You’ll need to have a mechanic diagnose the problem and, if necessary, complete a flexible clutch hose replacement as soon as possible.
While flexible clutch hoses don’t malfunction regularly, they will need to be replaced at some point during the life of the vehicle. Be vigilant about noticing leaking clutch fluid or problems engaging the clutch.

How to replace a flexible clutch hose

If you suspect flexible clutch hose failure, your mechanic will take the following steps to replace it: 
  • Identify the faulty flexible clutch hose and put the vehicle on jack stands
  • Remove the defective flexible clutch hose
  • Install a new flexible clutch hose
  • Bleed the clutch system of air and remove the car from the jack stands
  • Road test the vehicle to ensure proper clutch operation

When do I need to replace my flexible clutch hose? 

There is no standard timeline for when you can expect to replace your car’s flexible clutch hose.
As soon as your car displays warning signs, it’s time to have it serviced. Here are some of the most common symptoms:
  • Puddles of fluid under your car (but brakes are working fine)
  • Clutch won’t engage properly
  • Difficulty shifting
  • Constantly adding fluid to your clutch reservoir’s important not to wait on repairing or replacing a flexible clutch hose, as shifting problems pose a safety concern. 

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