What is a fan speed control inspection?

A mechanic will check the HVAC motor operation by removing the connector and checking the condition of the apparatus. They will likely perform a test on the motor operation by connecting it to a battery with alligator clips to see if the motor will run when connected to that source.
The fan blower pushes air through the vents to warm or cool your car. It should work at a variety of speeds, but if you notice that it only blows one speed—or doesn’t produce air at all—your car may have an internal problem.
If this is the case, it could be an issue with your car’s resistor or fan motor—both of which can deteriorate due to normal wear and tear.
You can test this by trying to increase the air pressure in your car. If you notice no difference, it’s likely an issue with the resistor. If there’s no air coming out of your vents, your blower motor will need to be replaced. When you feel cold air but no hot air, you may have low coolant or heater valve issues.
If the motor runs well, the mechanic will check the resistor by unplugging it from the connector. They will look for burnt resistor terminals—which indicates a bad resistor. To check the resistor function, a mechanic will measure the resistance point from a connector to pins on a multimeter set. They are looking to make sure the Ohm values are where they need to be.

How to inspect fan speed control

The mechanic will look for several common causes for a fan speed control failure Some of the most common causes include:
Blower resistor malfunction is causing the fan to blow at only a few speeds The HVAC control panel is faulty A bad blower motor is causing no air to be released
If your blower motor is faulty or if the resistor malfunctions, the mechanic will replace the part. You can expect the replacement part to cost less than $150, plus the cost of labor.

How important is a fan speed control inspection?

Though an improperly-working fan is an annoyance and could cause discomfort as you drive, it is not essential to the operation of your vehicle.
That being said, it’s a good idea to get your fan checked out when you notice an airspeed issue because the problem could worsen, causing an even costlier replacement fee.

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